Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Booking and Cancellation
How do I make a booking at your spa?
We believe in providing our customers with an easy way to book a treatment with us. We use many different channels you can use to book your treatment. The most convenient way is to use our online booking system by going to our website or click here.
How do I cancel my bookings?
If you book your treatment online you can cancel it online as well using the link provided in the booking confirmation email you received when you booked your appointment.
You can also cancel your booking by contacting us using the below information stating your booking name and date, or reference number:
SAARAH Day Spa: +62-819-4482-9999
We don't accept cancellations thorough our Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, twitter or direct message on Instagram.
Can I change my treatment when I arrive at the spa?
Yes, you may change your treatment when you arrived at the spa. However, if your new treatment is lesser value than your original booking, we will exercise our rights to charge you a minimum of 50% of the value of your original booking (whichever is higher)
What happened if I arrive late at your spa?
We understand that often traffic in Yogyakarta can be unpredictable. Please contact us as soon as possible to make another arrangement. If we can accommodate your whole booked treatment's appointment, we will keep it that way. However, if we are already at capacity, we would like to apology in advance that we may have to reduce your treatment to only the available time we have.
Why do you cancel my appointment?
We will keep all booked appointments on the system. We only cancel appointment due to the following reasons:
1. You ask us to cancel your appointment
2. You are late for more than 15 minutes of the scheduled time AND you didn't inform us for being late.
3. We tried to contact you to confirm your appointment AND we are not able to reach you AND it is more than 15 minutes later than the scheduled appointment.
I don't have internet connection, or wi-fi available and I don't have any phone credit to contact you to advise that we are late. Will you still cancel my appointment?
We have to apologise in advance, that we may still cancel your appointment.
When do you provide complimentary pick up and drop off?
We provide complimentary pick up when drop off when customer books a package with us or a minimum of 2.5 hours or more of treatment per person and your accommodation or pick up location is located in Yogyakarta city area.
Why do you only provide Complimentary pick up and drop off to customers taking packages or minimum of 2.5 hours per person?
Currently we only have one transportation (car) that we utilise to pick up and drop off customers. Our coverage is up to Pakem in the North, Kraton palace area in the South, Prambanan temple in the east, Godean in the West, and City centre.
These areas can take up to 1 (one-hour) each way to reach our spa. To meet our customers satisfaction guarantee policy, we want our customers to be picked up and be dropped off on time and should they need to wait due to traffic or unforseen circumstances, we ask for your apology in advance.
When will you pick us up?
We will pick you up depending on your hotel, accommodation or pick up point. Please use the reference below as a guidance:
Prambanan Area: 60 minutes prior to the treatment time
Malioboro/Keraton Area: 45 minutes – 60 minutes prior the treatment time
Sheraton, Eastparc, Royal Ambarrukmo, Grand Aston, Novotel, Swiss Bell, Phoenix, Tentrem – 45 minutes prior the treatment time
Hyatt Hotel: 30 minutes prior to the treatment time
Do you do pick up from Borobudur?
Due to the distance and the time taken to and/or from Borobudur, we only pick up/drop off customers from Yogyakarta city area.
Do you do pick up and/or drop off from the airport or train station?
We are only able to drop you back to the Yogyakarta Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG) or train station. We aren't able to pick you up from the airport or train station at this stage.
Why aren't you able to pick up us up from the airport or train station?
As the current airport is shared with the airforce military department, delayed of arrival is certainty and common occurrences.
In regards to the train station, late arrival of the train is common in Indonesia.
As we strive to our customer satisfaction guarantee, we opt out from picking up customers from the airport or train station.
You picked me up, but I have changed my treatments, will you still drop me back?
We only have one car, and have made the schedule according to the booking on that day. If you changed your treatment and as long as it is still within the 2.5+ plus hours, we will still be providing you with complimentary drop off. If you changed your treatment and less than 2.5 hours, we need to apologise in advance that we are not able to accommodate your request.
Do we have to wear seat belts in your transportation?
Although our driver is well trained and safe in driving. Using seatbelts in our car is for your own safety should the unfortunate circumstances arise. If you decide not to use seatbelts, you may void your insurance claim and we can't be held responsible for your action.
Why do we have to pickup or be dropped off with other guests?
As we have a vast areas of pick up and drop off, and the distance and time to return to the spa, we want to ensure that all our guests are met with our customers satisfaction guarantee.
Why do the transportation can only wait 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time and left us?
We are a business that is proud and well known for delivering high standard of service. As our transportation scheduled is tight, we can ONLY allow our driver to wait 15 minutes longer than the scheduled/promised time. This is to ensure that we meet our customers satisfaction guarantee to other customers as well.
If we can't meet our scheduled pick up time and your transportation left us, will you pay our transportation cost?
If you can't meet the scheduled pick up time, please let us know as soon as you know to make new arrangement, however, we will NOT bear your cost if you decide to go to the spa yourself.
I have another appointment after the spa and can't wait for other guests to be dropped off, what can I do?
If you have a tight schedule, and want to go to your next appointment earlier than other customers as scheduled, we will find you a taxi or other form of transportation, however, the cost will be borne by you.
What do you use for the massage oil?
We use a combination of virgin coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. This is known for giving you the ultimate relaxation. We are still finding a different type of essential oil for our future operation.
I am pregnant, can I have a treatment?
Congratulations on your pregnancy, we will still be able to massage you with a different than normal techniques tailored to expecting mothers. However, as advised by our medical team and legal team, we will not be able to massage you when your pregnancy is more than 6 months old. You can still choose other treatments other than body massage.
Why can't we choose different type of oil/aromatherapy?
We are a business that is proud to be natural and environmental friendly. At this stage we continue to search and find a different type of oil/aromatherapy that meets our criteria. We will let you know when we add a different type of oil/aromatherapy.
Is your body scrub organic?
As we strive to achieve greatness in our products delivery, our body scrub is home made from a high quality local produce.
What do you use for your facial products?
We are collaborating with Sensatia Botanicals, a local company based in Bali to provide us with all our facial products.
Who is Sensatia Botanicals?
Sensatia Botanicals Is A VILLAGE BASED, PROFIT-SHARING COMPANY PRODUCING BALI'S FINEST NATURAL SKINCARE and has been our valuable partners since the inception of the spa.
Why don't you offer gel nail polish?
We are a business that is trying to be as natural as possible, reduce our impact on the environment, and take your overall wellness into consideration. We found that gel nail polish to have a more damaging effect as stated in the article below. Therefore at this stage SAARAH Day Spa does not offer gel nail polish.
How many rooms do you have?
We have 7 large treatment rooms with the following composition: 4 single rooms with shower/Jacuzzi and 3 couple rooms without shower/jacuzzi
How big is your treatment room?
Our treatment rooms is approximately about 12sqm each
Why don't you have a shower/jacuzzi in the couple room?
Originally our treatment rooms were dedicated to single customer only, and because of many requests from our previous guests that they want to share the room with their friends, partner, or loved one; we then created the couple room to accommodate.
If we are in the couple room, how do we clean ourselves?
As our massage oil is made up of virgin coconut oil and mixed with organic essential oil, often our customers opt out from washing their massage oil down as one of the benefits of coconut oil is a natural body moisturizer. If you still want to be cleaned, you can opt in to be wiped down by our therapists or when one of the shower rooms is available you can take a shower in that room.
Do you have sauna and whirlpool at the spa?
At this stage we don't have those facilities, we will advise you when it becomes available.
Why do we need to fill in guest information?
Our guest information is a legal documentations to ensure that you are aware about our terms and conditions; what we can and can't do. Our guest information also utilise as a great tool to tailor your treatments.
It will also give us information about current condition you may have such as allergy, pregnancy (female), and/or areas or your bodies you want to focus on, and area to be massaged or not.
Payment, tipping, and refund
What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, bank transfer (domestic account only), Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. We also accept online payment through PayPal.
For payment through bank transfer must be settled prior visiting our spa and we can confirm your payment. All the transfer fee will be paid by you according to the policy of your bank.
For payment through PayPal must be settled prior your visit to the spa and will be charged in Australian Dollars, as PayPal currently does not operate using Indonesian Rupiah.
Do you charge a fee to use credit cards or PayPal?
For payment using Visa and MasterCard there will be no extra charge. However, for payment using AMEX or PayPal we will charge you 5% fee on top your total bill, as this charges are imposed by the payment gateway.
Do I must tip the therapist?
Tipping at SAARAH Day Spa is customary, if you find our services meets or exceeds your expectation, the team will appreciate the gesture.
Who should I tip?
Whoever in our team that you find meets or exceeds your expectations. From our drivers, receptionist, to our therapists.
How much should I tip?
We don't have a fix methodology in tipping, we leave it up to you.
Can I tip using credit cards or PayPal?
You may tip our team using credit cards. However, tipping using AMEX or PayPal will incur 5% fee on top of your tip.
You charged my credit card more than once, how do I get a refund?
We apologise in advance when this situation happen to you. Please provide us with your bank statement and an official letter or email from your financial institutions stating that you are being charged more than once. We will also contact our financial institutions to confirm that you are being charged more than once.
After that we will arrange refund through bank transfer (domestic bank) or PayPal (overseas customers) as we find it is the most effective and cheapest way to refund. We will pay for the cost of transfer back to your account.
I am from overseas and was charged more than once on my credit card, what kind of conversion rate will you use?
We use the conversion rate on the day of transfer based on the conversion rate stated on and the available currency in PayPal
What is your welcome drink?
Our welcome drink is made out of Roselle (hibiscus) flower which is organic and known to calm you down and relax you when you arrive at the spa.
Please click on the link below if you'd like to know more of the benefit of hibiscus tea
What is in your ginger tea?
Our ginger tea is made of organic ginger, a touch of lemon and organic palm sugar. This is known to boost your energy so you can continue your activities after your spa treatments.
Please click on the link below if you want to know more about the benefits of lemon ginger tea
How to say in Bahasa:
Too strong - terlalu kuat
Too weak - terlalu lemah
Reduce the pressure - Tolong kurangi tekanan
Increase the pressure - tekanan lebih kuat
I left my belongings at your spa, how do I get it back?
Although we will do in our best to ensure that you bring all your belongings before leaving the spa, sometimes this thing happen from time to time.
We will return it back to you on the earliest time possible.
Please contact us as soon as you know that you left your belongings at our spa.
What should I bring or don't bring with me to spa?
We advise you to bring yourself in a relaxed state of mind when arrive at our spa.
We don't advise you to bring valuables such as ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, passport or any other valuables with you.
I left your spa and has gone to another destination, but I left my belongings at your spa. What can I do?
You can contact us as soon as you know that you left your belongings with us to arrange ways to deliver your belongings back to you. The cost associated of sending your belongings will be paid by you.

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