Arriving late:
SAARAH Day Spa respect your time and regards it as precious, and we want to ensure that we are serving you and other customers to the highest standard
To ensure that we are running on time, we advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This is to ensure we have enough time to fulfil your request of individual preferences.
Due to high demand and we are utilising waiting list, and we will only reserve your spot for 15 minutes over the scheduled time. Should you are running late, please inform us as soon as you are aware of the situation (email or WhatsApp).
If we can accommodate you, we will reschedule you to the nearest available time, or we can only accommodate your booking according to the left over time of the schedule or we may have to cancel your booking or reschedule it to another time.
We apologise for this inconvenience, however this is to maintain our commitment to all our customers that arrives on time.
Treatment for couple:
SAARAH Day Spa is proud to offer comfort to individual preferences. Due to its limitation, we are only able to provide 2 (two) rooms dedicated for couple.
This is to ensure you walk out from our spa feeling refreshed.
We also would like to advise you that our couple rooms do not have a private bathroom inside.
Should you require a room with private bathroom, please ask for single room.
Solar Hot Water System
SAARAH Day Spa uses natural solar hot water system to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible.
Due to its high usage and its posisition against the sun, we would like to apology for your inconvenience as after 4pm in the afternoon our water can be slightly cooler than you may like it.
Please inform your therapists if you prefer to have your excess oil be wiped off instead of shower.
Manicure - Pedicure with previous gel nail polish usage (removal)
SAARAH Day Spa at the moment does not offer gel nail polish, and we don't have the facility to remove gel nail polish.
When you book a treatment with us, please remove your gel nail polish prior going to our spa. You will receive a fantastic treatment on your manicure and/or pedicure with us, so we need to apologise that we will not be able to provide refund on the difference of the nail polish fee due to your usage of gel nail polish prior going to our spa.
Using your credit card:
SAARAH Day Spa at this time does not charge you for using your credit card.
However your original bank may charge you a transaction fee and/or international currency exchange.
Please ask your bank prior using your credit card in our spa.
Bikini Sugaring by The Sugarist (TM) during menstrual period:
The Sugarist (TM) and SAARAH Day Spa are proud to maintain customers' comfort as their primary concerns.
As many articles stated that having a bikini sugared during this period will irritate your skin as they are more sensitive.
Based on this understanding we are unable to provide you with the service until your cycle finishes.
About our complimentary pick up and/or drop off service:
SAARAH Day Spa will provide customers with a complimentary pick up and/or drop off from and to your hotel or points of interest in the Yogyakarta city area when they book a package or individual treatments lasting 2.5 hours or more per person.
When you choose to utilise our complimentary pick up and/or drop off service; Please be aware that you may share the transport with other guests.
You may be picked up and/or dropped off earlier and/or later than the original agreement and/or the normal timeframe when you utilise a private transportation.
We reserve the rights to set the schedule for the best course possible whilst taking into consideration the traffic conditions, booking schedules and/or other factors and/or conditions.
Due to our commitment with other customers, we will only wait about 15 minutes from the agreed time frame, should we are not able to meet each other, we need to apologise in advance that we have to leave you behind with regrets.
To ensure your safety, using a safety belt is a must at all times during your pick up and/or drop off service.
​Failure to perform this safety message may void your insurance claim, and SAARAH Day Spa cannot be held responsible if this issue arises.

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